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What Canadian Pro Players have to say, Eh

Beon Lee

I love the Evnroll, I love the grooves and the shape, the ER 2.2 lines are so clean. I like the two dots for my alignment too.

Gar Hamilton

The feel and consistent roll of Evnroll was immediate, which doesn't happen because my old putter was a superior model. Groove Tech was intriguing at first and is real in the results.

Ian Doig

I have the ER7CS right now, my first week with it I won the U.S. Open qualifier and the rest was history, I’m hooked. Guerin has a great reputation and the Evnroll putters live up to the name.

Drew Nesbitt

I like everything about it. Feels good, looks good. Face technology is huge. If you miss-hit it, and we're all human so we have miss-hits, it just performs better than anything. It's a better product.

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Robot Test Videos

The videos show unedited test footage comparing two identical putters with different face technologies. One having a standard milled face. The other Evnroll Sweet Face Technology.

Note: This footage is unedited and shot in real time.

Without Sweet Face Technology


With Sweet Face Technology


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