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  • JAN 15TH 2024
Evnroll 2024 Neo Classic Putter Line
  • The new Evnroll Neo Classic putter line features new takes on five classic Evnroll putter designs.
  • The Evnroll Neo Classic line incorporates adjustable weights, two finishes and a new aluminum SweetFace insert.
  • Pricing is $399 for satin stainless steel finish and $449 for black ceramic finish. 
  • Available for pre-order now and in shops late February.

In 2024, Evnroll is bringing back their classic putter designs. The new Neo Classic putter line features five of Evnroll’s most iconic fan favorites. Be you a blade or a mallet player, Evnroll has you covered.

Obviously, we all immediately thought of the Neoclassical art period when we heard “Neo Classic.” In case your Art History 101 class was a few years ago, the Neoclassical art movement occurred in the late 1700s. Archaeological discoveries from ancient Greco-Roman civilization inspired artists of the time to produce works of art and literature based upon the recently unearthed artifacts and stories from Greece and Rome.

Evnroll Neo Classics Putter Models

As it turns out, Evnroll’s new Neo Classic putters have nothing to do with the Roman Empire but how often do you think about that anyway?

What the Neo Classic line actually is about is Evnroll making their classic putter designs even better. As the name suggests, these will be the New Classics.

If you are thinking that Evnroll has not been around long enough to have “classics”, then perhaps you should review their Most Wanted pedigree. The Evnroll ER2 is still the only putter with back-to-back wins. If nothing else, you should know that Guerin Rife, the man behind the Evnroll brand, has been in the putter-making business for decades.

(For more information about Evnroll’s Most Wanted achievements, and the company in general, check out this article that our Chris Nickel wrote a couple of years ago.)

All right, now that you have realized that you have forgotten everything from your art history class and are tired of groan-worthy TikTok references, let’s see what Evnroll has done to make their classic putter designs even better.

Evnroll Neo Classics Key Features: New Insert

Evnroll Neo Classics Putter Face

While most grooves are there to help with feel and speed control, the SweetFace grooves also correct for accuracy. Did you hit the ball a bit to the toe or to the heel? No worries, the grooves are there to make the result of your mishit still go where you intended it to go. They don’t just fix distance inconsistencies but also issues of dispersion.

How the grooves do this is one of golf’s great mysteries! That, or it has something to do with the variable thickness and arrangement of the grooves as shown in the photo above.

How could Evnroll make something already so good even better? First of all, don’t mess with the functionality. The SweetFace grooves of the Neo Classic putters perform and correct putting issues as expected.

The new insert (yes, an insert) is there to improve feel. The polymer-backed 6061 aluminum insert changes the feel of the putter. Comparing the new Neo Classic ER2.2 to my old ER2.2v with a solid stainless steel face, I’d say the new face feels softer.

Somehow this new softer feel is not associated with distance loss, which is something I typically experience when I play softer-feeling putters.

Evnroll Neo Classics Key Features: Finish Options and Aesthetics

Evnroll Neo Classics Putter Models

While the face change is the most significant alteration in the new Evnroll Neo Classic putter line, it is not the only new element.

Like previous releases, the Neo Classics are available in two finishes: satin stainless steel and black ceramic coated. Choosing the black ceramic option comes with an upcharge.

You will need to decide if you want to pay the extra $50 for the black version but I will say that the all-murdered-out aesthetic is darkly well executed.

Speaking of aesthetics, Evnroll has overhauled their branding with the Neo Classic putter line. I don’t think I am out of line describing the previous Evnroll branding scheme as utilitarian. Most of the putters were characterized by descriptive block text and Evnroll’s red square “E” logo.

The branding worked to let consumers know it was an Evnroll putter, and perhaps subconsciously imply that Evnroll putters are all business. The thing is, golfers also want a touch of the whimsical, if not the pretty, in their gear.

The new Evnroll graphics on the bottom of the putter, and maybe even more so on the grip and headcover, are a step in the right direction. The red-and-white aesthetic on the satin stainless steel models is delightful and perhaps even better looking than the all-black version.

The Neo Classics are still all about making putts but the new branding implies that they would also not be opposed to wearing Malbon pants while doing so.

Evnroll Neo Classics Putter Models

The necks this year are not modular like they were in last year’s V-Series line. There is one neck choice with the ER2. The ER2 and ER2.2 are essentially the same head with different necks.

While this does potentially limit the fitting aspects of the Neo Classics line, there will be a new Evnroll custom program coming this year. I don’t have the details about that yet, but if you really want an ER5 with a plumber’s neck, there may be a way to make that happen.

Evnroll Neo Classics Key Features: Adjustable Weights

Evnroll Neo Classics Putter Models

While last year’s Evnroll V-Series putters all featured adjustable sole weights, adjusting them was not always intuitive. Let me explain. The V-series sole weights were adjustable but some of the putter heads had so many weights that one didn’t really know what to adjust.

The Neo Classic weight system is significantly simplified. Each putter features two, and only two, weight ports and all of the weights are the same size.

Not for nothing, but the weights also feature cool concentric circle graphics, a step up from the flat metal design of last year.

The potential weight changes are significant. The weights range from 12.5 grams to 42.5 grams each. Yes, you can add 85 grams of weight to the bottom of your putter if you really like a heavy putter. Most of us will adjust the weights as a part of the fitting process, likely never swapping them once we have the best personal build.

For those of you who like to tinker, the weight swap is a breeze.

The Evnroll 2024 Neo Classics Models

Evnroll Neo Classics Putter Models

As I mentioned, the Evnroll Neo Classics line is made up of five classic Evnroll head shapes: ER1.2, ER2, ER2.2, ER5, ER8. The blades are classic Anser variations. The ER5 is a fang-shaped mallet, and the ER8 has a classic round mallet profile.

Evnroll Neo Classics Black Putter Models

What I appreciate about the head designs is how Evnroll has tweaked them to make the classic shapes their own. Take a look at the underside of the putters. To a model, all the soles feature a slight slope up a few centimeters back from the face. 

This little tweak seems minor but it is significant. This little swoop positions more mass toward the front of the putter, affects the interaction of the bottom of the putter with the turf and likely influences both CG and MOI.

Look at the ER5. You can see areas where material has been removed from the interior side of the fangs, again influencing weight distribution and ultimately how the putter plays.

Let’s take a look at the Neo Classic models and see if we can identify other places where Mr. Rife has added his spin to the shapes. 

(Evnroll’s takes on the models are in italics.)

The Evnroll Neo Classic ER1.2

Evnroll Neo Classics 1.2 Putter Model

A heel and toe weighted blade design with a traditional plumber-neck hosel.  With its longer than normal heel to toe shape, this classic blade presents a perpendicular “T” shape for precision alignment to the target line.  Available in right hand.

The Evnroll Neo Classic ER1.2 is the gateway model. Everyone is familiar with the design and, as such, they are more likely to pick it up and give it a roll. There is a reason why nearly every putter maker follows a similar script: we are comfortable using things that are familiar.

Someone is more likely to walk through a door if they recognize the object as being a door. This is why when someone walks through a tree in a fantasy movie, we think it is amazing but we are not going to head outside to try and walk through a tree.

The Neo Classic ER1.2 has a little bit of slope in the back bumper but is overall square in design. With the exception of the face, all of the body lines point toward the hole. Evnroll’s signature double-dot topline milling provides the ideal alignment aid for addressing the ball.

Evnroll Neo Classic ER1.2 Stainless Steel

Evnroll Neo Classics 2 Putter Model

By far the most popular head shape in the Evnroll Neo Classic lineup.  The single-bend shaft mounts directly in the head creating a slight toe hang.  It is ½” shorter from heel to toe but deeper from front to rear than the ER1.2.  The result is the look and feel of a blade with a longer sightline for both perpendicular and parallel alignment.  A unique feature to Guerin Rife putter designs, the top line is thinner behind the ball and over the cavity giving the ER2 a more elegant presentation at address.  Available in both right and left hand. 

Though onr might expect the ER2 to be face-balanced, the single-bend shaft and spud hosel combine to give a bit of toe hang. For most players, that little bit of toe hang should prove beneficial. Players who think they bring the putter straight back and straight through likely still have some arc in their strokes.The biomechanics of the human body make it nearly impossible to not have some arc in the putting stroke, barring some wild posture and swing manipulations. The touch of hang and rotation should prove beneficial, at least that is what is indicated by the back-to-back Most Wanted blade wins.

Evnroll Neo Classic ER2 Stainless Steel

A heel and toe weighted blade design.  The ER2.2 features the same plumber-neck hosel of the ER1.2 while borrowing its head shape from the ER2 and features a blade style perpendicular setup at address but with an extended sight line for target line alignment.  Available in right hand.

The third thing that causes my coveting of the ER2.2 is the new face. It feels amazing. I built a custom ER2v a while back. While I enjoyed rolling balls with the putter, I didn’t find it compelling to do so. Yesterday, I was rolling balls on the practice green in the rain with the Neo Classic ER2.2. I despise playing in the rain.For my fitting and feel needs, the Evnroll Neo Classic ER2.2 checks all the boxes. 

Evnroll Neo Classic ER2.2 Stainless Steel

Evnroll Neo Classics ER5 Putter Model

Borrowing its basic “fang” shape from the original ER5, the new ER5 features a sleeker shape with a gently radiused top line and directional 3D milling in the cavity base. The single bend shafting mounts directly into the head creating slightly more toe hang.  The top line is thinner behind the ball and over the cavity giving the ER5 a more elegant presentation at address.  The inside straight edge of the rear wings works in concert with the cavity 3D milling and center sightline to optimize target line alignment.  Available in both right and left hand.

Naturally, it has large fangs at the edge of the putter but it also has metal between the fangs. In general, the fang design pushes the differential weight of the head to the edges, improving MOI and stability. Metal fangs on the edge and nothing in the center is the plan. That said, this positioning is not an all-or-nothing proposition.

Rather than having the center of the putter be nothing but open space, Evnroll has filled half of it with metal. There are a few reasons for this. First, it gives you a place to put a sight line, a feat yet to be accomplished in empty space. Adding the metal in the middle also influences feel and center of gravity for the putter, influencing how the putter is perceived at address and plays.

Evnroll Neo Classic ER5 Stainless Steel

This elegant player’s mallet features a deep, three-section rear cavity with the longest sightline of all the Neo Classic models.  The top line is thinner behind the ball and over the cavity giving the ER8 a more elegant presentation at address.  The soft tail section allows the eyes to see the blade-like center section and the long cavity sightline to promote the dual aiming features of perpendicular and parallel alignment.  The single bend shaft mounting directly into the head allows for slight toe hang to promote a more straight back and thru stroke path.  Available in right hand.

Rounding out the cohort, we have the Neo Classic ER8 mallet. Round-mallet players will find everything they expect to find here. The expanded profile, though not that much larger than the ER5, should prove welcoming at address. The central portion of the ER8 is extended, providing excellent alignment opportunities.

Though round mallets are not usually my go-to, I appreciate the plop-and-go nature of the ER8. When you address the ball, you know where you are aimed, arguably more so than with any of the other putter shapes.

The head has a very stable swing, once again featuring just a touch of toe hang. Of all the heads, this is the one I want to goof around with in terms of adjusting the weights. For some reason, I have it in my head that if I really boost the weight on this one, I won’t be able to misdirect it once it starts swinging. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Evnroll Neo Classic ER8 Stainless Steel

It’s the insert.

Admittedly, that’s more than one word but the new polymer-backed aluminum insert scheme is a show-stopper. For my sensibilities, it truly now is one of the sweetest-feeling faces in golf.

Don’t forget that the new feel of the insert is also paired with Evnroll’s corrective technologies. Dispersion and distance control are improved in a better-feeling package.

Evnroll has always built performance into their putters but they’ve instilled a touch of pin-up as well. How can anyone resist a putter that fixes your flaws and looks good doing so?

Find out more about the Evnroll Neo Classics putter line at www.evnroll.com

FAQ: Evnroll 2024 Neo Classic Putter Line.

So it has an insert but the insert is made of metal?

Though Odyssey has conditioned us over the past three decades to associate the term “insert” with polymer construction, metal face inserts are quite common as well. Through the years, there have been copper, titanium, stainless steel, German stainless steel and other types of metal inserts. For all of them, the purpose remains the same. The face insert provides feel and playability that is different from the metal used to build the body of the putter.

Where are these putters made?

All Evnroll putters are CNC-milled in Carlsbad, Calif.

Will the grooves in the aluminum insert last as long as those milled into a stainless steel face?

Though the metals have different properties, I don’t think there will be any longevity differences between the two. If you are hitting the putter face so hard that it damages the grooves, you may need to work on your chipping and pitching.


FULL ARTICLE: https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/first-look/evnroll-2024-neo-classic-putter-line/