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  • The 2023 Evnroll V-Series putter line expands by 15 new models.
  • The new line includes redesigned favorites and Evnroll’s most customizable model to date.
  • All new V-Series putter models available at retail mid-February 2023.

Baby New Year is not even swaddled and Evnroll has unveiled their new 2023 batch of V-Series putters. This batch of putters is no preemie. It’s a fully developed line of new models and designs. In 2023, Evnroll’s V-Series expands by a whopping 15 putters!

Admittedly, some of those putters are more configurations of models than new models. Still, the amount of metal that Evnroll is bringing to your shop next month is impressive. This small putter company is bringing a battleship’s worth of steel to your putter corral. Too much exaggeration? Well, it could be a small battleship.

Why should you care? First of all, all new putters should be welcomed and explored. In this case, these have the features we expect to see in Evnroll putters. These new models feature the hosel versatility of the current Evnroll V-Series putters as well as the Envroll’s lauded Sweet Face technology.

Are you unfamiliar with said versatility and Sweet Face technologies? Not a problem. Let’s take a moment to rehash some of the key features of the V-Series and Evnroll in putters in general.

Evnroll introduced the V-Series of putters back in 2021. The key departure from their Classic series of putters was the inclusion of a modular hosel. The hosel versatility allowed golfers to pick the hosel that suited their stroke path. If you needed more arc, go with a short slant hosel. Less arc? Check out a long plumber’s hosel. Not sure of your stroke path? The graphic above can also point you in the right hosel direction.

Ultimately, the characteristics of your putting stroke and putting tendencies will allow you to make the correct hosel choice. That was the cool thing about the V-Series. You had multiple hosels to choose from. This would not have been possible with the permanently affixed hosels of the Classic designs.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Evnroll’s Sweet Face Technology. While the V-Series changed the hosel design, it kept the Sweet Face. How could they not? This is the groove technology that led to Most Wanted putter dominance. I don’t use the word “dominance” lightly. For a few years there, you had Evnroll putters—and then everyone else.

What makes the face “sweet”? The grooves. Check out that photo above. Variable groove shape across the face not only helps to even out distance issues when you miss the center but trajectory issues as well. Essentially, the Sweet Face enables balls to stay on line and roll out when hit off-center. Obviously, this is superfluous technology as none of us ever misses the center of the putter face. Right?


You may be wondering how Evnroll could make their new V-Series putters even more versatile. The first new versatility feature is the addition of adjustable weights to the sole. All the new V-Series putters now feature removable weights on the sole. Other putter makers have included this option for a while but this is a first for Evnroll.

The crowd-pleasing EV2 picks up two weights as does the redesigned EV8. Like all removable weight systems, this allows the putter designer to add weight at very specific locations. Repositioning weight can influence both the moment of inertia (MOI) and center of gravity (CG) values.

You may be a bit ho-hum on adding two weights to the EV2 but check out the weights on the EV5. How do you feel about adding six weights? Now you can really control where the weight sits in the head. It’s not just a story of forward or backward, either. You can also influence the putter’s arc by adjusting the heel/toe weighting scheme.

All of the weights are easily removed with additional weights being available on the Evnroll site.


The new EV5 truly puts the “V” in “versatility.” Not only do these putters have the six swappable sole weights but they also have three rear chassis options. That’s not all. Each EV5 head can be built in three different color combinations. So many options to choose from.

Let’s start with those color options.

The EV5’s aluminum rear chassis comes in black or silver. The EV5’s 303 stainless steel faces are available in black or satin silver. This means you can make your putter all black, all silver or black and silver. For the two-color option, it would be a silver face with a black flange. The reverse configuration is not an option.

After figuring out the color scheme, you will need to pick one of the three chassis shapes. All three of them are “fang” designs. The EV5.1’s fangs curve a bit, the EV5.2’s fangs are straight and the EV5.3’s fangs are connected at the rear. I’ll get a bit more into these when I cover the specific models below.

Overall, the new EV5 models represent a staggering level of versatility and design options.


Let’s take a little detour and look at the other new putters in the 2023 Evnroll V-Series line. How about we begin with the compact EV12 mallet?

I know I’m going out of numerical order but the EV12 was the one that grabbed my attention first. Now, some of you may be thinking the EV12 looks familiar. Honestly, if you didn’t have a “that looks like” thought when you saw the EV12, I’d be disappointed. Yes, I, too, see a lot of TaylorMade Spider X DNA in the EV12.

Now that the elephant is out of the room, let’s explore the characteristics of new EV12. First, the multi-material design moves the weight to the perimeter. The central body is made of 6061 aluminum with the perimeter weights being 303 stainless steel. Did you notice the big hole in the bottom? This, too, helps move the weight to the edges, boosting MOI and stability.

Yes, you can also pick up the ball with the hole. It’s massively satisfying.

Of all the putters, the EV12 was the most immediately comfortable. Maybe that’s due to my previous Spider X play time. Regardless of the reason, I found the ER12 to be hugely stable, predictable and accurate. Spider X players should take a long look at the EV12. I can’t imagine you’ll not enjoy the pairing of a familiar shape with the Evnroll tech.

The white finish is attractive. Not that the black finish isn’t. I just found the white more interesting. Initially, I was a little bummed that the white EV12 had the plumber’s neck. Then I remembered the “V” in V-Series. I could swap the necks! A quick wrench session later and the white EV12 had a slant neck.

That neck swap was easy and this, too, was quite satisfying.


The EV2 likely will see the most market interest. It should, since the ER2 was the putter that dominated the Most Wanted Blade competition. So strong. One is justified in wondering why Evnroll would even update a putter with such a prestigious performance pedigree.

Obviously, to make it even better. This new EV2 has a generous suite of upgrades. The 2023 EV2 has the multiple hosel options, Sweet Face Technology, new adjustable sole weights and a touch of architectural redesign. One redesign aspect I love is that the rear bumpers are now square. I think this fits the overall aesthetic better than the rounded bumpers.

Now all the lines on the EV2 sit parallel at address. How could you not aim at the target?

The EV2 is available in both satin and black finishes. The black finish comes with a $50 upcharge.


Did you also notice that the dual topline dots are absent this time around? I’m sure there is a reason behind their removal but I’m not in the know for that one. I found the absence of dots interesting as they were somewhat of a thing with the Evnroll putters. Truth be told, I’ll not miss the dot


When I rolled this new version, I was confused. The Zero ERZ.1 was super fun to roll. Sure, it’s huge but it put a great roll on the ball and I could totally see playing rounds with it. Ultimately, I was a bit confused as I couldn’t remember why I had panned the previous Zero. I had to go back and check the photos.

As it turns out, it’s all about the shaft. The original Evnroll Zero’s shaft attaches to the head rearward of the central hole. This shaft triggered my back-shafted-putter phobia. For some of you out there, the back-shaft design is pure money. For me, it’s an episode of Fear Factor.

The more traditional shaft position and hosel make the Evnroll Zero ERZ.1 a totally different putter. For me, anyway.

With the shaft up front where shafts belong, I now can appreciate the alignment scheme of the ERZ.1. This putter is so easy to aim and the weights-to-the-corners design keeps it steady. Yes, it’s a whopper of a flatstick with a headcover that could double as a sleeping bag.

Don’t let the size prevent you from rolling balls with it. This new version of the Zero is one of the most forgiving and fun-to-roll putters in the 2023 line.


The changes begin with the metal. All the EV5 putters feature a 303 stainless steel face section. One could say that the EV5 mallet begins its life as a blade. From there, one of three aluminum chassis is attached, plunging us head first into the deep end of the EV5’s versatility pool.

I already mentioned the rear chassis, weight, hosel and color options. My math is not strong enough to calculate all the permutations of the EV5. The number is somewhere between a lot and a minor mathematical migraine.

Rather than grabbing a calculator, I want to focus on the chassis options of the Evnroll EV5.1. This rear end features swooping aluminum fangs. The shape reminds me a bit of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 rear end. The wings on the EV5.1 are much smoother, though. More flow than the Cameron. Overall, this setup seemed the most compact in terms of visual footprint.

The all-black version of the EV5.1 was my winner for looks. It’s a wicked-looking stick. The black body, paired with a black shaft and grip, makes an impression.


With the EV5.2, you have the two long alignment lines that run along the internal edge of the fangs. When you combine those lines with the top-line alignment line, you’ll have an aiming system that spans the expanse of the putter. With the other two versions, the alignment scheme consists of only that top line. This reduced scheme should draw your eye more to the front of the putter.

What does this mean in terms of aiming? Well, it makes them look different. Yes, that’s obvious, but it’s significant. If you see them differently, you’ll aim them differently. Personally, my aim improves with long parallel lines that run the length of the mallet. I want my eyes in the middle of the putter, not the front edge. For others, this scheme could be terrible and they’d need the exact opposite.

That’s the whole killer app for the V-Series putter line. From chassis to color scheme, you can get the putter in the configuration that best suits your play needs.


Visually, this design is more uniform than the others as the bar seals up the back of the mallet. For some, having space between the fangs could be an alignment issue. Broken record, I know. Shape matters for aiming, by gum!

Visuals aside, one of the other things I noticed is that the EV5.3 has the most muted sound of the three models. It must be caused by the rear connection. I’m assuming it would be like placing your finger across the tines of a tuning fork. That would decrease vibration and volume, for sure.

I’ve got one last alignment EV5 point for you to consider. Take a look at the dual color configuration. Most of the elements of the aforementioned alignment schemes run parallel to the target line. However, if you go with the satin-and-black build, you also get an alignment scheme that runs perpendicular to the target. The satin-and-black body parts create contrasting lines across the target lines, like the old Odyssey Versa alignment scheme. For some of you, the dual color option will be like welcoming back an old friend.

OK, that’s all I have about the EV5’s alignment options. I promise.


Man, there is a lot to unpack with Evnroll’s 2023 V-Series Putter line. If we were to only focus on the ER5, we could be discussing build options until 2024. But the putting cup runneth over,  since we’ll also have the new versions of the EV2, EV8, the new ER12 and the amazingly improved Zero ERZ.1. If you find it all a bit overwhelming, you are not alone. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new line with so many options. Not to put gas on the fire but remember that Evnroll also has an extensive customization program as well.

I’m curious about which model draws you in. How would you build an EV5? Is there enough going on with the new EV2 that you are compelled to upgrade your Classic ER2 gamer? Are you excited about the modularity and adjustability? If you have adjustable components in your current putter, have you ever adjusted them?

Regardless, it’s only the first day of 2023 and Evnroll has already put a sweet roll on the new putter ball.

Find out more about the new 2023 Evnroll V-Series putters at www.evnroll.ca


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