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What is your ideal launch angle?

Launch angle is the key to maximizing your distance control. Not enough loft means you are driving the ball into the grass, especially on uphill putts. Too much loft produces a low chip that skips and skids before the ball actually starts to roll. Both affect distance control and accuracy.

The perfect launch is when a ball hit 20’ travels 2” in the air, lands, and begins a forward roll instantly. When your ball achieves true roll its rotation matches its forward motion, resulting in a more accurate roll that travels the intended distance.

Evnroll RollBoard - See your putter's loft

The new RollBoard from Evnroll is a velvet-covered board that measures 24” long by 4” wide. The velvet has a directional nap, that when brushed in the direction of the start position, will instantly show the roll characteristics of a golf ball as it comes off the face of your putter. No need for expensive high-speed cameras and viewing monitors. No time consuming setup and playback. The RollBoard instantly and accurately displays how you roll the ball, the amount of launch, and the precise moment when speed and rotation match up to create true roll.

With the RollBoard you can dial in your launch angle at impact to get just the right amount of lift while minimizing skipping and skidding. Being able to periodically check your launch angle and how quickly you get the ball rolling is critical to maximizing your distance control and accuracy.

The RollBoard is also an excellent putting trainer. Its two side rails help square the putter face to the target line. Tees can be placed along the path of your takeaway to promote a consistent backstroke. More tees can be positioned out in front of the RollBoard to challenge you to be more accurate.

Optimizing your distance control and accuracy will maximize your confidence. Confidence is the key to being a great putter.

Evnroll RollBoard