Evnroll's exclusive interview with Gar Hamilton

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Evnroll's exclusive interview with Gar Hamilton

Gar Hamilton uses Evnroll PuttersTell me about how you got started in golf? How did you first learn? First teacher? First golf course?
My father Gar Hamilton sr- good/ avid golfer Weston GCC. Early Teachers- Sam Young/Gord DeLatt- first course Don Valley then Weston.

What do you love about golf? What makes you passionate about the game and wanting to get better?
I suppose the constant challenge- always trying to improve my action to feel the freedom.

What has been the most challenging part of the game for you?
The mental and physical combo.

On a similar but different note, what is your number one off-season hobby?
I think I am a decent Movie critic.

You turned pro in 1973, what was that transition like from amateur to professional?
Felt good won PGA Can Tour School.

Favourite event on any tour in any time period?
Amateur golf Western Am (WGA). Pro- gosh besides Can wins- hard to say have played world wide.

Victory you’re most proud of? Could be a tournament win, gym personal best, or non-golf related?
Maybe winning PGA Ont Sr within a year of heart attack 2003 or 4? Marrying Nancy.

What has been your favourite golf club of all time? Brand? Iron/driver? I.e. the trusty rusty?
The next one.

How far do you hit your stock 7 iron?
165 yards

Flagstick in or flagstick out in 2019?
From long its ok in but I’m an old dog so out from short.

Are you a fan of the knee high drop?
No - so far feels awkward dropping from knee.

Best shot you’ve ever hit?
Geez hard to say- maybe Hole in One in Taiwan when I had no money.

First shot you’d take back if you had a mulligan?
Canadian Open 18th hole. It’s a long story but I hit a second shot bullet over the green and somehow made 7 to miss the cut by a shot!!!

What would you say is the strongest part of your game?

What is the part of your game you most want to work on?
Loose it less often- consistency.

What are your career aspirations for golf or otherwise? Where are you in 10 years?
Try to maintain speed/ keep competing and win!

Tell me some of the goals you’ve set for yourself for 2019?
Yikes, staying alive I guess!

Do you know your playing schedule for 2019? List some events you're most looking forward to?
No schedule yet- but I’ll try all the Provincial and National Championships. I will be 70 this summer but shot 67 yesterday!

Do you have any projects happening off the course? Sponsor events, charities?
Working w/Evnroll and GSH- maybe some teaching w/Mark Evershed.

We are here because of Evnroll, so what model of putter do you use right now? Grip type? Specs?
ER 1.2 super stroke grip but not too big.

How did you hear about Evnroll?
My friend Wayne McDonald.

What attracted you to the putters? The technology? The aesthetics? The Guerin Rife name?
The feel and consistent roll of Evnroll was immediate, which doesn't happen because my old putter was a superior model. Groove Tech was intriguing at first and is real in the results.

Did you get putter fit for your new Evnroll? What are your specs?
Maybe not fit as much as I could have- need 3-5 deg of loft- like 34".

Talk about the putter fitting process? What did you learn from it? Do you have any photos/videos of the process?
Understand roll board and amount of small skipping I tended to have very little skip so more loft needed but have not had personal fittings or a lot of training- being honest.

Have you seen a noticeable difference in your putting performance after switching to Evnroll? What’s your favourite part about that Evnroll design?
I have always liked the answer style -plumber neck style. It just looks good to me- I’m an old dog!

How important is the look of a putter to your confidence on the greens? How about the feel?
Look, feel, huge.

What is the number one quality you look for in a new putter?
Distance control is 75-80% of putting. I think the distance control is best with Evnroll- heel-toe basically same distance on off centre hits with the groove technology.

Give me one putting tip you think would help people from a setup, mechanical and technical approach?
Take the putter face to the target and the shaft will stay left on plane- the for-swing is more important than the back in putting.

Give me a putting tip you think would help people on the mental approach side?
Get set up forward and on top of the ball with your body and eyes, then knock the target down.

What would you like to come out of the relationship from yourself and Evnroll?
Keep promoting the brand!

Gar Hamilton's Bio

Gar Hamilton is both a highly accomplished competitive player and one of Canada's best known head professionals. He has been successful at every level of golf and has enjoyed a 22 year tenure at Mississauga Golf and Country Club where he has worked tirelessly to promote, teach and play the game of golf. Previous to his current position, he served as head professional at Horseshoe Valley Golf Club in Barrie for eight years.

Hamilton has excelled at competitive golf throughout his life, beginning with his Ontario Junior Boys' title in 1966. After a string of successful national and international amateur finishes and captaining his Indiana University golf team, Hamilton earned Rookie of the Year honours on the Canadian Tour following his win at the Manitoba Open. Two more victories on the Canadian Tour followed, and Hamilton continued as a touring professional from 1973-1980 including a stint on the PGA Tour.

After achieving Class "A" Head Professional status in 1980, Hamilton has captured almost every Ontario PGA individual stroke play event including the Ontario PGA Championship and three Ontario PGA Senior Championships. In addition to his Ontario victories, Hamilton has also won the Canadian PGA Club Professional Championship four times and the Canadian PGA Seniors Championship once. He has played in 13 Canadian Open Championships, earned the Ontario PGA Player of the Year Award (Hunt Trophy) five times, and was named Ontario PGA Professional of the Year in 1998.