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Evnroll Putters first came to the golfing world’s attention in 2016 with a range of stunning 100% milled putters featuring designer Guerin Rife’s ground-breaking, patented “Sweet Face” Technology.

The innovative and unique groove technology is engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion. Since then the brand has won multiple-awards internationally for its game changing technology including being the first company to win MyGolfSpy’s ‘Most Wanted blade and mallet’ back-to-back.


Every putter has a sweet spot. Only Evnroll has a sweet face.

Premise: On a 25 foot putt a ball hit ½” off center, outside the Sweet Spot (center of percussion), will travel 6” to 8” off line and 12” to 18” shorter. That miss hit is a missed putt.

How it Works

Zero Dispersion
A series of closely spaced variable width channels that are wider in the center and get gradually narrower toward the heel and toe. This creates a precisely calibrated inward v-shape from both the heel and toe that progressively redirects the ball down the target line.

Even Roll Distance
Because the channels get narrower away from the center, the spacing gets wider. This increase in contact surface means more energy transfer and replaces the energy lost when a ball is hit away from the sweet spot. So center and off-center hits travel the same distance.


Robot Test Videos >

The videos to the right show unedited test footage comparing two identical putters with different face technologies. One having a standard milled face. The other Evnroll Sweet Face Technology.
Note: This footage is unedited and shot in real-time.