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Two Small Dots

Each design has two small, unpainted dots on the top line of the putter 1/8” to either side of the center cavity sightline. This gives the golfer a subtle alignment reference for consistent lie angle positioning. The dots also assist the golfer on aligning breaking putts. Align the ball in front of the toe-side dot for right-to-left putts and the heel-side dot for left-to-right putts. This keeps the ball travelling on the high side of the target line.

Swing-Weight Milled

Golf companies typically provide one putter head design in a single weight. If the finished 34” putter has a swing-weight of D-7 then the 33” putter will have a swing-weight of C-9 and the 35” putter will be E-5. At Evnroll we mill each putter to a specific head weight to maintain a more constant swing-weight for each length. Then we add an extra 15 grams to the head for more stability and use a 120 gram grip as a counter weight to bring the swing-weight back down for improved distance control. The best of both worlds: lighter swing weight for distance control and more overall weight for greater stability and accuracy for short putts.

Made in USA

Every Evnroll putter head is precision milled in Carlsbad, California from a block of extruded (billet) 303 stainless steel, then hand ground, finished and assembled to exact specifications.